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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Bachelor: The Women Tell ALL!

From ABC.com
Sadly, I thought The Women Tell All would be a lot juicier than it was.  Sigh.  The introduction was especially boring.  Apparently, Sean and Chris B. Harrison went around California to crash people's Bachelor viewing parties.  Big deal.

Then the girls bashed Tierra for a good while.  Basically, everything you've seen on the show each week was reiterated.  I was really hoping they'd show some never-before-seen footage, but alas, it did not happen.

Tierra came out to defend herself.  She sat with Chris B. Harrison, and she had this wounded look on her face.  She also talked very softly, playing the victim as usual.  Chris asked her if she wanted to apologize for anything that she did, but she said that she had nothing to apologize for.  Robyn told her she was delusional.  Selma said that she was nice to Tierra until the morning she walked past Tierra and Tierra ignored her good morning wishes.  Ok, I have to defend her here.  I am a MAJOR you-know-what in the morning before I have my shower and coffee, so that could just be how she is, too.  Selma said that eventually everyone just gave up trying to be her friend.

Tierra and Ashlee had a discussion, too.  Tierra told Ashlee she lied to her face.  Ashlee got pissed and told her she took great offense at being called a liar.  Tierra said, "No matter what I say, it's always wrong."

Yeah, pretty much.

Tierra thought Ashlee was too tough on her, but Lesley, who was there when the shiz hit the fan in St. Croix, said she didn't think she was too tough; she thought someone had to put Tierra in her place.

This is when I realize that Selma really likes to talk.  For someone who only went mildly far into the competition, she certainly wants to put her two cents into every situation.  I'm annoyed.

Tierra apologized to everyone for thinking she wasn't friendly.  She said she didn't know how to handle the situation and she guesses she handled it the wrong way.

Yeah, pretty much.

Chris B. Harrison reveals that Tierra also got engaged.  He asked her how it happened, and she said that she had broken up with the dude, gone on The Bachelor, and then got back together with him after the show.  Gee, if that doesn't sound suspicious.  He also asked her when they got engaged.  She said, "No comment."  WTF?  Why can't she tell us?  But then she ends up admitting it was in January, as if anyone cares.  I will say that she is sporting one huge-ass rock on her finger now.

Chris then asked Sarah to come up and talk.  They show a montage of her time on the show, and everyone gets teary.  Sarah said she thought they had something else.  She said that this sort of things happens in all of her relationships, and she can't help but think it's because of her arm, which just absolutely breaks my heart.  I mean, who gives a crap?  The woman is beautiful and sweet!  She hopes the show will open her up to new relationships, and I hope it does, too.

Then Des gets her turn to chat.  She confesses that she thinks she had the worst hometown date in Bachelor history, which is probably true.  She says she's curious to see if her brother really was a big reason why she didn't get a rose.

Finally, Ashlee gets to say her piece.  She admits that she thinks Sean acted like a frat boy with all of the other girls.  When asked if she's still in love with Sean, she said she is not.

Sean came out after that.  Chris wants him to talk to Ashlee, so Ashlee asks Sean what happened between them.  Basically, Sean says he just didn't feel like they were best friends.  That had to hurt.  Ashlee also said she was bothered that Sean never came to check up on her after the show.  Um, what??  "You're supposed to be a gentleman, Sean," she says.  Um, yeah, Ashlee, and you're supposed to NOT be psycho, but I guess we all have our flaws.

She also accused Sean of telling her in the fantasy suite that he had absolutely no feelings for the other two women.  He vehemently denied this, and they even fought it out after the cameras broke for commercial.  Sean swore up and down that he never said that, and Ashlee told him he said it twice.  Who do I believe?  Sean.  The Bachelor knows enough not to say that kind of stuff to one woman, especially when he knows he's kicking her butt to the curb the next day.

The show ended with some semi-funny bloopers, and then they did a montage of one of the producer's dogs that died, which completely depressed the crap out of me.  I can't handle dying animals.

Next week's finale is THREE FREAKING HOURS LONG, but I really can't wait to see his choice.  I want to say it's Catherine, but it looks like there's some sort of dramatic letter involved next week, so we shall see.

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  1. My thoughts exactly, lol. This is a pretty accurate recap!


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