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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bachelorette: Week 2 (Even Though We're On Week 3)

Due to a romantic European getaway last week, I didn't have time to watch and review last week's episode of The Bachelorette, so I'll do that now.  Tomorrow, I'll review this week's.  Hopefully I'll be back on track soon.  Maybe I'll even write non-Bachelorette posts.

Anyway, Des decides to go on the first one-on-one date with Brooks, who's cute and seems sweet.  Their first destination is a wedding dress shop.  Brooks dresses up in tuxedos while Des wears wedding gowns.  It was really dumb.  Then they go and get ogled by fans and eat wedding cake at a cake truck stand (Do these things actually exist now?  I miss the US!).  They trekked up to the Hollywood sign (still in a wedding dress and tux).  They talk about their feelings and have a good time, and then they go for a drive through Hollywood at night.  Des says she's lost.  Brooks says he's scared because he says a neighborhood with--GASP!--graffiti.  There is a "Road Closed" sign, but Des says she moves those all the time.  When they drove through the closed road, they find a candlelit dinner waiting for them.  Wow, Brooks, that neighborhood really sucks!  Then they had their own personal concert with some C-list singer.  I'm not even going to pretend who the dude is.

Anyway, Brooks starts to tear up when Des asks about his views on marriage since his parents are divorced.  His dad wasn't in his life for six years while he was growing up, and he says he never wants that to happen to his kids.  They make out.  Des gives him the date rose.  Brooks lives to see another week.

Then a ton of guys get chosen for the one-on-one date.  Ben is going on the date, and all of the guys are pissed because they don't think he's there for the right reasons.  Who gives a crap?  Des tells the guys they're going to be in a rap video with Soulja Boy.  Wow, you can kiss your career goodbye, Soulja.  Can I call you Soulja?  Or Boy?  Thanks.

Ben takes Des away for some alone time, and all of the guys get mad at him again.  Ben is very pretty, and since Des gave him the first impression rose, everyone hates him.

They all go back to chill with Des and get some one-on-one time with her.  Zac W. presents her with an antique journal that's never been used.  Zac W. is my favorite, but I think the used journal thing is kinda weird.  I mean, it was addressed to some chick named Cara from "Daddy."  Why did Cara never write in her journal?  Why is this journal at a second-hand store?  I'm creeped out.

Then Ben pulls her away and everyone gets mad again.  They make out, and then the camera pans on Brandon, who's kind of playing a psycho-stalker roll and hiding in the shadows.  He watches them make out.  He tells the camera it hurts.

So then Brandon feels compelled to tell Des how serious he is.  He tells her that his dad left when he was little.  He was raised by his drug addict mother who would go away for weeks at a time.  Brandon was forced to raise his sister and brother.  I commend him for that, for sure.  That's not an easy life, and no kid should have to grow up so quickly.  However, I don't really think Brandon should have opened up so quickly to Des.  IDK.  Des liked it, though.

Ben gets the date rose again, so everyone is really pissed and starts plotting against him.

Back at the house, Bryden finds out he won the second one-on-one date with Des, who decides to take him on a road trip to some California beach.  Bryden is quiet, so I can't imagine how awkward that car ride must have been.  Ben films Des romping on the beach, and then they go have some lunch.  Des says, "Road trip and fish tacos!"  Somehow, that seems dirty.  They talk over dinner.  Byden confesses that he was in a horrific car accident and almost died.  And then he busted out pictures of the accident to prove it.

Um, Bryden?  Do you really need to show her these pictures right now?  And why do you carry pictures of yourself in a hospital bed around with you?

They decide to go for a dip (with suits).  They share a really long, awkward moment, and then Des says, "Just kiss me already."  So they make out.  He gets the rose.  Of course he gets the rose.

Ben continues to piss off the other guys the night of the rose ceremony.  Michael takes her for some one-on-one magic to make his big confession: He has Type 1 Diabetes.  Ben interrupts them, which pisses Michael and the rest of the dudes off because he already has his rose.  They call him out on it and diss him.  Ben doesn't care because he got to make out with Des some more.  I don't care because this show is really starting to suck for me.

Some other dudes tell Des their life stories, and then it's time to hand out the roses.  The people who survived this week are:

1.  Brooks
2.  Ben
3.  Bryden
4.  James
5.  Casey
6.  Dan (Who is this guy??  Is he new?)
7.  Juan Pablo (She asks him in Spanish to accept her rose...bad accent, girlfriend.  Nice try!)
8.  Brad  (I don't remember any of this people!)
9.  Chris (Once again, no idea)
10.  Bray?  I don't know this guy's name.  Brain?  Brian?
11.  Seth
12.  Drew
13.  Mikey
14.  Zach
15.  Michael
16.  Brandon

The next epsiode looks pretty juicy, mostly because Des likes to make out with different guys a lot.  There's a lot of intense drama, mostly surrounding Ben, which I always enjoy (unless I'm part of the drama...which I always hate).  Someone goes to the hospital, and some chick comes on to confront her boyfriend.  I think she's an actress or something.  This show really sucks.  I love it.

PS: OMG: Des' rap video may possibly be the worst thing I've ever seen in my life.  Even worse than when I was a sophomore in high school and was forced to watch "The Miracle of Life" with the most immature boys on the planet.  Gah.  The horror!

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  1. Romantic European vacation? That sounds even more exciting than the Bacherlorette Show! :)


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